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Revolutionizing Hydrogen Technologies

HyVeritas is proud to present its cutting-edge solutions and expertise in hydrogen solutions. As a company formed through a strategic partnership between HyChem and TecnoVeritas, we are at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution, offering comprehensive solutions across the entire hydrogen value chain.

About HyVeritas

HyVeritas is the result of a partnership between Portuguese companies HyChem and TecnoVeritas for the development of hydrogen technologies.

The know-how of HyVeritas covers the entire hydrogen value chain, drawing on HyChem’s 90-year industrial background in producing, compressing, and using hydrogen at its Póvoa de Santa Iria site, as well as TecnoVeritas’ expertise in engineering solutions and services for the naval industry, including energy monitoring and efficiency programs.

HyVeritas’ portfolio includes proprietary electrolyzer technology, engine reconversion, and hydrogen transport solutions (LOHC).

By accelerating and democratizing hydrogen solutions, HyVeritas can significantly contribute to the energy transition towards a sustainable future.

Powering the Energy Transition

Hydrogen Production Technology

HyVeritas offers advanced hydrogen production through innovative electrolyzers, ensuring efficient, sustainable energy for a greener future.

Hydrogen Storage and Transportation

Experience HyVeritas’ cutting-edge hydrogen storage and LOHC transport solutions, ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient energy distribution.

Engine Reconversion

With HyVeritas, transform your engines to utilize hydrogen fuel, enhancing efficiency and driving towards a sustainable energy future.

Harness the power of hydrogen with us.

Revolutionize freight transportation and pave the way to a sustainable future. Our cutting-edge electrolyzer technology, engine reconversion, and LOHC-based hydrogen transport solutions transform the energy landscape, making hydrogen a viable, eco-friendly choice for maritime and land transport.

Join us in accelerating the hydrogen transition, democratizing access to clean energy, and starting a new era of energy-responsible freight.

Your journey towards greener tomorrow starts here.

Discover a greener tomorrow with our innovative engine reconversion technology.

Transform your existing transport fleet to run on hydrogen, a zero-emission fuel source. Embrace our cost-effective, responsible solutions for a sustainable future, reducing carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. Our commitment to the energy transition is your opportunity to be an innovator in the industry.

Ignite the power of hydrogen and revolutionize the way you move with us.

Join HyVeritas’ hydrogen revolution. Partner with us for a sustainable future. Contact us to start your journey today!